I Got Out From My Bed!

I Got Out From My Bed!


{AIESEC Lebanon: National Conference: Accelerate}
|15/04/2016 ~ 17/04/2016|

Well, I am going to share with you this time something more emotional and more true and honest. Something that I usually do not like talking about it.
Facing challenges is what I do, and turning any negative spirit I face into a positive one is what I never ignore.

IMG_4875In the last winter break, I went back home to Algeria and spent some beautiful moments with my family, friends and fellow AIESECers. By the end of the break, I have received two major disappointing and depressing signs from AIESEC.
I went back to Lebanon on January 14th with a really bad negative energy, where the first and only thing I thought about was: “How many days left for me to go back home?” I was not able to think well about anything else.
So basically what I did, I lived a routine. Bed => University, University => Bed. And that’s it. Everyone around me, from who cared about me, kept trying to get me out of the room and be creative in my life. But I was blind, I saw nothing but a date where I will be back home.

So on Thursday night, some fellow AIESECers from LC Byblos were rehearsing for the roll call. I was physically present with them, and mentally totally absent. I was thinking about what I want to do, and till when I stay depressed and feeling down. Then I remembered something I said before to my team members: “If you are not passionate about AIESEC, then you will not achieve what you can achieve” 51d81115-b8c0-44d5-9da7-65315384a14c

A key word hit my mind PASSION; so I joined the team and went to the conference searching for the passion that I once had. Few hours ago, while we were having the last session of the conference. I found myself crying and crying and crying…

I would like to confirm to myself that I am totally BACK ON THE GAME to develop myself and empower others, to make the world I am living in, a better one.