My Body is My Responsibility, too

My Body is My Responsibility, too

{My Body is My Responsibility, too.}

Since I was born, I was always visualizing me as a genius person who does his best to learn more and more. So I’ve put all my time, and efforts in my education for one single purpose to study at an American University. Simply because I didn’t believe that the Algerian Educational System does not have enough to give me what I want to get.

After years of hard work and sleepless nights spent in learning, exploring, and developing myself to know more. I have proudly reached my goal and I’m studying at the Lebanese American University as a full scholarship student. I still have a lot to reach, but I can say that now I have made a huge step towards my success in life.

Lately, I have noticed in myself that I have never taken care of my body. I do not sleep well, I do not eat well {That’s if I eat}, I do not practice any sport. I do not even know how scientifically speaking “I am alive”

Therefore, I promised myself that from now I will do my best to EAT and to eat healthy. To sleep well and not waste my precious nights on chatting on social media. And to start at least by jogging and doing push-ups; at the of the day it won’t be that tough, right?


I Got Out From My Bed!

I Got Out From My Bed!


{AIESEC Lebanon: National Conference: Accelerate}
|15/04/2016 ~ 17/04/2016|

Well, I am going to share with you this time something more emotional and more true and honest. Something that I usually do not like talking about it.
Facing challenges is what I do, and turning any negative spirit I face into a positive one is what I never ignore.

IMG_4875In the last winter break, I went back home to Algeria and spent some beautiful moments with my family, friends and fellow AIESECers. By the end of the break, I have received two major disappointing and depressing signs from AIESEC.
I went back to Lebanon on January 14th with a really bad negative energy, where the first and only thing I thought about was: “How many days left for me to go back home?” I was not able to think well about anything else.
So basically what I did, I lived a routine. Bed => University, University => Bed. And that’s it. Everyone around me, from who cared about me, kept trying to get me out of the room and be creative in my life. But I was blind, I saw nothing but a date where I will be back home.

So on Thursday night, some fellow AIESECers from LC Byblos were rehearsing for the roll call. I was physically present with them, and mentally totally absent. I was thinking about what I want to do, and till when I stay depressed and feeling down. Then I remembered something I said before to my team members: “If you are not passionate about AIESEC, then you will not achieve what you can achieve” 51d81115-b8c0-44d5-9da7-65315384a14c

A key word hit my mind PASSION; so I joined the team and went to the conference searching for the passion that I once had. Few hours ago, while we were having the last session of the conference. I found myself crying and crying and crying…

I would like to confirm to myself that I am totally BACK ON THE GAME to develop myself and empower others, to make the world I am living in, a better one.